We only sail on the historical sailboat – a Vormsi ruup – when the weather is favorable.

The journey starts on the beach of Rumpo Village. The boat holds six people and one boat driver. We provide everyone with life saving equipment. Since it is not possible to use the toilet on the boat, people usually only ride in the Hullo Bay area (see the map of Hullo Bay here). However, with tougher companions it is also possible to take longer sea trips.

To order the boat trip, please call +372 518 7190 or  +372 53 429 926.

You can also send an e-mail to

The minimum price for the trip: 48 €/2 h.

Every extra hour: 18 €.

The price of the daytrip: 120 €.


The following weather forecast chart shows whether today is a good day to go sailing. In order to have a pleasant and safe sailing experience the wind speed should be 3–8 m/s.

Please see forecast for longer period on Norwegian Meteorological Institute website